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First up apologies to our listeners & readers for not continuing with the podcasts throughout the uni assessment period. As you will be very aware, tis a hectic time where you have to prioritise – which means some things get left behind. But not to worry we will be rocking out more awesome podcasts for your listening pleasure very soon.

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Finally we have found time to get started on filling up the tutorial section of Melbourneid! This is our very first tutorial. Hopefully it is of some use to people. We would be interested in some feedback on it and also on what you would like to see tutorials on. Enjoy.


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One method of creating a quick 3D representation of a concept that we believe has gone quite unnoticed in the design world is the Extrude & Bevel, Revolve, and Rotate 3D Effects in Adobe Illustrators CS 3.

Using these tools you can effectively create some nice wire frames or shaded views of simple concepts. So far I have only used these tools for simple objects, but I am sure with a bit more messing around they could be utilised for more complex shapes.

In this tutorial we are going to look at how to quickly produce a quick and dirty set of drawings of a basic cup using the revolve 3D effect. We will put in an off-axis front, Top, Bottom, Right and a Isometric-left with perspective.

Final Image Preview

First up lets take a look at what we’ll be creating in this tutorial. Click on the screen shot below to view a full size image.

Step 1

Fire up Illustrator CS 3 and create a new document. Select the Pen tool from the tools window. Create one side of a basic cup outline. In this tutorial we have gone for a Wineglass type glass.

Step 2

Select the path you have just created with the Pen tool and go to the Effect menu, select 3D and then Revolve

Step 3

Select Off-Axis Front in the position drop down

make sure the angle is set to 360.

Now select wireframe from the surface drop down

Select Right Edge and check the preview check box

you should now have a 3D wire frame glass like on the left.

Click OK

Step 4

Select your cup and make a copy. Paste the copy into a new layer.

Select your copy on the new layer, open the window menu and bring up your appearance pane.

In the appearance pane double click on the 3D revolve, which will bring up the 3D Revolve options panel.

Then set the position to front.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 as many times as needed to create the required amount of views , each time set position to a different setting. In this tutorial we have repeated step 4 four times and used top, bottom, right and Isometric-left with 5º of perspective.

You could also create a cut away section by changing the angle from 360º to lower value – eg: 160º.

Step 6

When you are happy with the views you have, select all your views, go to the Object menu and select Expand Appearance

Step 7

Now arrange your views as you want them (resize if needed). Label each view, add in some basic dimensions etc


There you have it. A quick and dirty set of drawings of a wineglass, done in Illustrator CS3, that easily communicates the form of the glass in 3D. All without having to leave the Illustrator environment to fire up CAD software.

Open Seasame


Podcast Seven has arrived, with a big helping of open source design information. For those at uni, heads down and keep on rock’n the next few weeks. Almost time to party!

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Thats right the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) is launching the inaugrual “World Industrial Design Day” (WIDD) which is to be held on the 29th of June this year!

Heres a quote that pretty much says what its all about – “Established on the occasion of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) 50th anniversary, the observance is an occasion to explore the development and evolution of industrial design, specifically focusing on its significant merits and impact on quality of life.”

Check out the full story here



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